We need a president that can read numbers - protesters

December 16, 2015, 12:47pm

Karabo Ngoepe, News24. Wim Pretorius, News24 

Pretoria - As thousands of South Africans expressed their anger and called for the removal of President Jacob Zuma, protester Stephan Dreyer said the country needed "a leader who can read numbers".

"Hopefully the person who will take over will be able to and be a true leader that we can be proud of," he said.

Dreyer was among thousands of people at the Union Buildings on Wednesday calling for Zuma's head. He said enough damage had been caused by the president, adding tax-paying South Africans wanted to see their money working for its citizens and not for one person.

"If you are a president and have a salary, why then should you take other peoples money?"

He expressed disappointment with the turnout of protesters, but said the #Zumamustfall movement must not end.

"It should have been more people, but I guess people are on holiday. We must carry these forward until there is a result," he said.

Another person who asked not to be named, echoed the same sentiments, saying he expected a larger crowd as the situation affected everybody.

"I'm really disappointed with the turn out and I expected a lot of people as this is affecting us all. We are here as people from all races to speak with one voice.

"I hope due to this, the ANC can come together and reconsider it's decision [on Zuma]. There has been a litany of things which have cost us a lot, and we are saying enough is enough."