Grade 10 and 12 exam results improve slightly

16 Dec 2015 13:00pm
WINDHOEK, 15 DEC (NAMPA) – The percentage of Grade 10 learners who passed their national examinations this year increased from 54.1 per cent in 2014 to 54.3 per cent this year.
The Minister of Education, Arts and Culture Katrina Hanse-Himarwa on Wednesday announced the results of the Grade 10 Junior Secondary Certificate (JSC) examinations in the capital.
A total of 37 441 full-time Grade 10 candidates registered for the national examinations, and 20 318 qualified for admission to Grade 11 in 2016.
In 2014, 35 592 full-time candidates wrote the examination, and only 19 264 passed to Grade 11 in 2015.
The minister said the number of candidates qualifying for admission to Grade 11 in 2016 might increase to approximately 23 318, because part-time candidates build up subject credits over a couple of years and normally meet the admission requirements to Grade 11 only after a number of years.
On average, since 1993 the percentage of learners qualifying for admission to Grade 11 has increased steadily from 37.2 per cent to 54.3 per cent this year.
Hanse-Himarwa noted that the 2015 Grade 10 results show a slight decrease in the performance of candidates at Grades, B, C and F, with a slight improvement at Grade A, D and G.
Candidates performed the same at Grade E as in 2014.
She added that the graded entries have also slightly increased from 6.6 per cent in 2014 to 6.7 per cent in 2015, saying it indicates a slightly poorer performance of the 2015 Grade 10s, and this is supported by a slight increase of 0.2 per cent of the ungraded entries from 2.7 per cent in 2014 to 2.9 per cent in 2015.
The Education Minister further informed the media that about 2 501 candidates for the 2015 Grade 10 examinations who are 17 years and younger, will be allowed to repeat the grade in 2016.
She added that for the 2014 Grade 10 examinations, 3 286 candidates were allowed to repeat in 2015 and 2 231 (67.9 per cent) qualified for admission to Grade 11 in 2016.
“The ministry will make further announcements during the first week of January 2016 on how the plight of those learners shall be further addressed,” she stressed.
With regard to the part-time candidates, a total of 11 534 part-time candidates were registered for the 2015 national examinations - 11 383 of those enrolled with the Namibian College of Open Learning (Namcol) and 151 at other distance education institutions registered with the Ministry of Education.
Overall, the part-time candidates performed slightly better during the 2015 JSC examinations.
There was a slight improvement in performance at Grades C to G with a stable performance at Grade A and a slightly poorer performance at Grade B.
The stable performance of the part-time candidates is supported by zero increase in the ungraded entries for the two years.