Road safety begins with oneself

16 Dec 2015 08:10am


Safety is not something that should be taught year after year, it should be instinctive, says Namibian Police Force (NamPol) Chief Inspector, Kaunapawa Shikwambi.

"Safety is supposed to be the number one priority in each and everyone's life," she told Nampa on Tuesday, adding that if a person does not value, appreciate and take the necessary precautions to protect their own lives, there is very little the police can do.

Shikwambi's comments follow the onset of the festive season in Namibia when many people travel to and from various destinations in the country.

During this time, speeding, drunk driving and failure to wear seatbelts are among the common offences on Namibian roads.

Road safety is thus one of the main activities of NamPol and other law-enforcement agencies and is directly tied with Operation 'Omake', which was launched in November to curb crime in Namibia. Shikwambi noted that the final decision rests solely on individuals themselves.

"Even though it is our mandate to ensure safety, we do not have resources to guarantee the safety of every Namibian. Safety starts with oneself."

She further urged all drivers who will be using the national roads, to be patient, cautious and tolerant. Meanwhile, NamPol statistics indicate that by 06 December 2015, about 8 350 traffic offenders were arrested and fined since the inception of Operation Omake on 02 November 2015.