Don't brag about your war credentials - Mugabe

December 15, 2015, 4:28am

News24, photo: AFP

Victoria Falls – Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has reportedly told Zanu-PF party hardliners that the liberation war was not won on the battle fields alone, saying they should not brag about their war credentials.

New Zimbabwe quoted the nonagenarian as saying: “The war wasn’t won by the gun alone”. Mugabe said this during his closing remarks at the party conference held in an exotic resort of Victoria Falls.

Mugabe, 91, recently openly acknowledged that his Zanu-PF was riddled with factional wars that could shred it into pieces.

Mugabe said that the war veterans “… should always recognise that they are like the other people, they have made sacrifices yes, but they are not the only ones; some at home made sacrifices because they were arrested and killed”.

According to the state owned Herald president Mugabe also blasted factionalism that has engulfed the ruling party in the recent past saying that “noone owned the party”. He said members should treat each other equally.

“… We say to ourselves comrades, comradeship should exist in abundance. We are all comrades. There is none of us who is a better comrade than the other.

“We are all comrades whether we are war veterans or not. We are veterans in our own way, we say we went to war or we did not. You’re a valuable member of the party, you make contributions in your own way even if you are a peasant farmer. You mean the same to me as a comrade in the party, Mugabe was quoted saying.

The war veterans recently refused to back Mugabe’s wife Grace 's ascendancy into power as the country's second in command, despite advocating for equality in representation.

Grace Mugabe is reportedly leading a group of young party members known at the generation 40 (G40) which is allegedly pushing for her to replace deputy president Emmerson Mnangagwa as the country’s second in command when President Mugabe announces his expected cabinet reshuffle.