Oshakati Town Council members cry foul

14 Dec 2015 19:50pm
OSHAKATI, 14 DEC (NAMPA) – Some Swapo Party members of the Oshakati Town Council in the Oshana Region have accused the party’s regional coordinator, Erastus Kapolo of favouritism by allowing Councillor Gabriel Kamwanka be the town’s management chairperson.
Kamwanka was elected the chairperson of the Oshakati Town Council management committee on the 04 December this year, following the conclusion of the 2015 Local Authority Election held on the 27th of last month.
Sources within the Oshakati Town Council told Nampa on Monday that Kamwanka’s election as the management committee’s chairperson was done in violation of the party’s directives.
“He (Kapolo) was present when Kamwanka was elected the management committee’s chairperson, but he just looked at it instead of intervening or calling for the election process to follow the directive of the party,” sources, which have chosen to remain anonymous, claimed.
A directive letter issued on the 02 December 2015 by the office of the Swapo Party Secretary-General, Nangolo Mbumba and addressed to Kapolo has suggested councillor Angelus Iiyambo to be the chairperson of the Oshakati Town Council management committee.
The same letter, which is in possession of this news agency, also suggested Johannes Shilongo as the deputy chairperson of the management committee and Kamwanka to be an ordinary member of that committee.
In violation of the directive, Iiyambo was selected to serve as an ordinary member of the management committee, while Kamwanka was elected to remain the management committee chairperson with Shilongo as his deputy.
As per the same directive, Katrina Shimbulu was elected the Oshakati Mayor, taking over from Onesmus Shilunga, who failed to make it onto the council this time around.
Ndamononghenda Hamunyela remains in her old position of being Deputy Mayor as per the same directive.
“I trust that you will make all the necessary preparation for the implementation of this directive,” Mbumba’s directive letter stated.
Approached for comment, Kapolo confirmed Mbumba’s directive for Iiyambo to be the management committee chairperson and to be deputised by Shilongo.
“They (members of the town council) violated the party directive by electing a different chairperson for the reason only known to them. I have no idea why Iiyambo is not elected to be the chairperson of the management committee,” Kapolo replied.
However, he pointed out that Oshakati was not the only town council in violation of Swapo Party directives, as several other town councils in the country have suffered a similar fate.
In a telephonic interview on Monday, Iiyambo expressed disappointment and also blamed Kapolo for failure to use his political power to ensure that party directives are adhered to.
Iiyambo, who returned to the council after having been outside the town’s leadership for the past five years, charged that old members of the council lobbied against him.
“They had a hidden agenda by deciding not to allow me to be the chairperson of the management committee despite the party directive,” he argued.
Iiyambo served already as the chairperson of the Oshakati Town Council management committee before the 2010 Local Authority Election.
Attempts to obtain comment from Mbumba proved futile.