Onyuulae village to get community hall

12 Dec 2015 17:40pm
WINDHOEK, 12 DEC (NAMPA) – Thousands of people in the Onanke village in the Oshikoto Region will benefit from a water pipeline.
The envisaged pipeline will stretch over 22 kilometres from Onamutenya to Onanke in the Omuntele Constituency, and would provide about 17 000 people with potable water.
Governor of the Oshikoto Region, Henock Kankoshi said this on Friday on the sidelines of a gala dinner organised by the Namsov Community Trust (NCT) for regional governors.
The NCT held the event in acknowledgement and review of the trust’s financial support to the 14 regional councils in the form of N.dollars 500 000 each during this financial year. Regional councils use the funds to improve the livelihoods of the people of Namibia.
Kankoshi told Nampa that for the past five years, his region did not receive enough rain and most boreholes have dried up.
“Currently, our people travel long distances, about 10km, to nearby places where they can fetch clean water. However, some people use that salty water because there is no other alternative,” he said.
The governor further said his office will also construct a community hall in the Onyuulae village.
“As you know, we don’t have community halls in our area and during the rainy season it becomes a problem but when it is sunny we sit under trees during meetings”.
He further said the hall would be used to host important regional and governmental events, and could be rented out to the community.
These two projects will kick off next year and each get N.dollars 250 000 funding from the N.dollars 500 000 donation by the Namsov Community Trust.
Kankoshi said the regional council will avail a further N.dollars 700 000 towards the construction of the community hall.
“Everything has been done; we have the technical people already on the ground, we have advisors from Cuba in our region for the community hall,” he said.
However, the money available for the laying of the water pipeline is not enough, and an addition amount of about N.dollars 800 000 is needed.
“We engaged the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry to help us but up to now we are still waiting,” the governor noted.