Opuwo mayor tough on dirt

12 Dec 2015 17:40pm
OPUWO, 12 DEC (NAMPA) - The new mayor of Opuwo says one of his priorities is to keep the town clean.
Albert Tjiuma was sworn in as mayor on 04 December 2015 with the rest of his town councillors. He took over from Tuarungua Kavari.
He said cleanliness should be viewed as a priority by the residents of Opuwo.
“Opuwo is not only the capital of the Kunene Region, but also a tourist destination,” he told Nampa on Friday.
As mayor, Tjiuma is now part of a town-cleaning programme that was initiated by the Opuwo Constituency Forum.
David Kulunga, who is responsible for youth activities in the Kunene Region, is in agreement with Tjiuma, saying: “Our town is really dirty and it is not a surprise people have diseases attributed to dirt, such as cholera, in our region”.
He, however, blames it on a lack of dustbins in the town. “Dustbins are not distributed in all four corners of our town and as a result, residents throw their trash everywhere,” said the youth leader.
Kulunga also attributes their dirty town to Opuwo residents’ traditional way of living.
“I think it is high time all relevant authorities invest in the education of our people on how it is important for us to maintain a clean town,” he said.
A clean-up operation took place two days after Tjiuma was sworn in as mayor.