Drogba drops by for 'World-Class' Windhoek Lager luncheon

December 12, 2015, 2:59pm
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Didier Drogba, a professional footballer from Ivory Coast, stopped by for a luncheon with Windhoek Lager, of which he is a brand ambassador.

Rosemary Shippiki, the national brand marketing manager for Windhoek Lager said that Windhoek Lager is proud to be associated with a world-class African such as Drogba.

Shippiki stressed that his humility, authenticity, commitment, strength and dedication shows not only on the pitch but through his character as well.

Drogba emphasised that he was proud to be working for an African beer company and that he has met many great people here in Namibia.

Through an interview with Windhoek Lager, Drogba talked about his international football career. He said that he did not have any regrets when it came to the sport and has enjoyed dedicating his time and effort to his passion.

“I was inspired by a lot of players” Drogba said, naming Ronaldo (Brazilian) and mentioning that currently Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are ‘monsters’ in the League.

As a well-accomplished athlete who lead Chelsea with his goal-scoring abilities, captained the Ivory Coast National team and was named the African Footballer of the Year twice, there are many videos of the star athlete on the internet. Instead of watching the football soar past the goalie, Drogba stresses that he watches videos to see where he should improve.

When playing for a second division team, he was advised that he needed to work hard to be successful. He says that he was able to accomplish high accolades on the field because he improved his work-rate and believed in himself and his talents.

In terms of Africans playing in European leagues he said that players need to fight twice as hard. Because facilities and conditions are not the same and there are higher expectations in terms of football performance in Europe, he said that African players "have to go [there] and prove [that they] can make it."

He stressed his desire to make a change in Africa and called for people to work together to make a difference. “We want to bring Africa to the next level,” he said. He wants to change the mentality of Africa waiting to receive help from Europe and encouraged continent-bred support.

“Me, you, and everyone in this room can make a change,” he stressed.

Drogba has done a high amount of humanitarian work, including building a clinic in his home country of Ivory Coast. In terms of this type of work, Drogba stressed that, “You shouldn’t do it to make yourself feel better. I do it because I have a need to help people.” Drogba wants to be remembered as trying to have an impact on the continent and that he enjoyed his life.

Although Drogba’s contract with Windhoek Lager will end next year, Windhoek Lager stressed that it looks forward to future collaborations with the star footballer.