Nambinga in Shaanika shooting, Medusalem shoots girlfriend

28 Aug 2013 15:00

Police in the Oshana Region today confirmed that David Nambinga, a pensioner was the one shot dead by northern business personality, Eskon Shaanika yesterday, before the suspect took his own life on the same day.

Oshana Police Chief Inspector, Bonifatius Kanyetu confirmed to The Villager that Nambinga was Shaanika’s uncle, but investigations are continuing to establish whether a similar gun was used on both men.

“His name is David Nambinga, a pensioner and the case number is CR47/08/2013. We are still busy with the investigation as we do not want to conclude now that the same gun was used as there is no prove at this point. I think by Friday this week, we will have the answer to that,” says Kanyetu.

Shaanika committed suicide late on Tuesday afternoon, but before that, he was reported to have shot his uncle in cold blood.

Shaanika shot his uncle at Onandjo village near Okahao in the Omusati Region and was the owner of Eskon Truck & Trailer Spares.

Meanwhile, the owner of Medusalem Gravestones, Josua Medusalem was granted bail of N$1 000 by the Oshakati Magistrates Court, after he is reported to have shot his girlfriend on Monday.

Medusalem, who faces charges of attempting murder against his girlfriend was released on bail on Tuesday (27 August), but his girlfriend is recovering in hospital.

Police Commander in the Oshana Region, Commissioner Ndahangwapo Kashihakumwa told The Villager that he could not conclude whether it was a deliberate incident and must still gather the version of the victim.

“Yes there is such case reported to us but we cannot conclude otherwise as we are still to get her side since its only Medusalem's version that we have. What led to that was the fact that the two lovers were trying to fit the pistol into a new holster not knowing that there was a bullet in the gun, only for Medusalem to accidentally pull the trigger. The bullet struck her backside below the shoulder. That was his side of the story,” relates the Commissioner.

He says the lady is currently receiving treatment in the hospital.

“The state is the one that opened the case of attempting murder against Medusalem,” says Kashihakumwa.