OuKwanyama queen celebrates 10th year on the throne

09 Dec 2015 10:30am
OMHEDI, 09 DEC (NAMPA) – Queen Martha Mwadinomho waKristian yaNelumbu of OuKwanyama, together with her senior headmen and advisers, on Monday celebrated her 10th year as leader of the OuKwanyama Traditional Authority.
The occasion was held at the ouhamba (palace) of OuKwanyama at the Omhedi village in the Ohangwena Region.
Speaking to those who attended the celebration, yaNelumbu said her 10 years on the throne felt like a few days.
“Good cooperation from my senior headmen and advisers has made my responsibility very easy and my 10 years as the leader of OvaKwanyama to pass by like a few days,” yaNelumbu stated.
She used the opportunity to call on all inhabitants of OuKwanyama to embrace unity, to live peacefully towards one another and to be productive.
Senior headman of the OuKwanyama Traditional Authority’s Ohaingu District, Nghidinihamba Ndilula said during the same occasion, yaNelumbu, who has been the queen of Oukwanyama since December 2005, moved from her homestead at the Okambebe village to live at ouhamba in Omhedi.
He added that yaNelumbu has for the past 10 years worked hard to spread the message of peace throughout OuKwanyama and even beyond.
“Through her, we have established good relations with people from other tribes in Namibia. She cares for the orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), and went to the extent of asking mothers to bring unwanted babies to ouhamba for better care,” Ndilula said.
He said yaNelumbu is currently taking care of 20 OVC at the palace, and a number of children are accommodated in a pre-primary school established at ouhamba last year.
YaNelumbu succeeded her uncle Kornelius Mwetupunga Shelungu, who passed away due to illness on 03 October 2005.
OuKwanyama is divided into 11 traditional districts of Okongo, Eenhana, Eudaneko, Onandova, Onamutai, Onamhinda, Ohaingu, Omungwelume, Oshikunde, Omhedi and Weyulu laHedimbi.