33 sentenced in Caprivi High Treason Trial

December 8, 2015, 3:08pm

NBC, source NBC- 8 Facebook Page

The Windhoek High Court has sentenced the 33 convicts in the Caprivi High Treason Trial in relation to their level of involvement.

Judge Elton Hoff meted the longest term of imprisonment of 18-years to five people he identified as having been the leaders of the United Democratic Party or its military wing, the Caprivi Liberation Army.

Hoff handed down sentences of 75-years to the leaders Geoffrey Mwilima, John Sambona, Bennet Mutuso, Thadeus Ndala, Alfred Matengu before limiting their time in prison to 18 years.

The 13 people convicted of having launched the attacks on the second of August 1999 and those who were identified as soldiers, received effective prison terms of 15 years each.

Those who knew of the secession attempt and failed to report it, mainly received ten years effective imprisonment, while George Kasanga , George Liseho and Oscar Puteho received six month's imprisonment, suspended for three years.

Judge Hoff considered the age of the convicts and reduced the role of 19-year-old attacker Chika Mutalife to that of a supporter and sentenced him to ten years.

Seventy-year-old Bernard Jojo, Alfred Siyata and Victor Matengu will only serve three years in prison.

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