Etale turning fortunes around

28 Aug 2013 12:10
WALVIS BAY, 28 AUG (NAMPA) - Etale Fishing Company has embarked upon a recruitment process to employ about 80 of its retrenched employees for the processing of fish within the coming weeks.
Speaking to members of the media at Walvis Bay on Wednesday, the company’s Human Resource Manager, Gerry Munyama confirmed that Etale will start interviewing retrenched employees to assist with a new fish processing venture.
According to Munyama, a new development has emerged which will involve the company renting factory space where it will process fish after it received a horse mackerel quota. Munyama could however not disclose at which factory the fish will be processed, nor reveal the tonnage of fish and who the right holders in the matter are, stating that they are still busy with the negotiating process.
He went on to say that with this development, the company has made a commitment to its employees who were retrenched due to the company closing its fish factory for maintenance and upgrading.
“The company at this stage will be placing their main focus on employing the 264 workers who were retrenched due to the temporary shutting down of Etale, before hiring new workers,” he indicated.
Munyama further explained that the refurbishment of the factory will be done in three phases which involve the factory itself, the company’s electrical capacity, and their vessels.
“The refurbishment needs to be done by consulting experts towards the end of this year, who will take about three months to complete the process. The process is a huge operation and only once the experts’ advice has been rendered, the company will know what exactly needs to be replaced for production to be at optimum level,” he noted.
Etale was in the spotlight earlier this year after then Managing Director Wilhencia Uiras announced that the past two years have been difficult for the fishing company as it suffered substantial financial losses.
She indicated that the company’s assets, particularly the refrigeration and electrical equipment, needed to be rehabilitated and upgraded.
This process saw all of Etale’s employees, including Uiras and other top management employees, being retrenched, as the company could not generate significant revenue to meet its corresponding expenses, particularly salaries and wages.