Dreamland Gardening yields 32 kg per week with help of SSC

December 8, 2015, 7:10am

Social Security Commission

The Dreamland Gardening project in Arandis received an amount of N$ 1,7 million from the SSC development Fund which enabled them to, amongst others, purchase nets to protect plants against the wind. They were also able to expand their large greenhouse and purchase water tanks, insecticide and pesticides to improve yields. The Gardening project shared the funds with the Uiba-Oas cooperative.

Acting EO Emma Kantema-Gaomas of the SSC: “Job creation and self-sufficiency are some of our main aims and this has been achieved with the Dreamland Gardening projects. Due to our assistance they project now farms a plot of almost 17,5 hectares with 1800 square metre under shade netting. They also employ 15 workers all of whom are from disadvantaged backgrounds and many of them were unemployed and together they harvest an impressive 31,3kg of vegetables per week. We are proud of this project and encourage them to keep working hard and to even dream of expanding and becoming bigger.”

Products such as tomatoes, onions, beetroots, green peppers, parsley, lettuces, spinach, cabbages, beans and carrots are sold to supermarkets in Arandis, Swakopmund and OK Foods. “We encourage Namibians to search for Dreamland gardening produce in Swakopmund Spar, the Namib Bakery and Supermarket and OK Foods, thereby supporting the local industry and fellow Namibians, ” says Kantema-Gaomas.