Maamberua says Namibia is now one-party state

07 Dec 2015 19:40pm
WINDHOEK, 07 DEC (NAMPA) – Swanu of Namibia’s President, Usutuaije Maamberua says Swapo’s 80 per cent control of the National Assembly and about 100 per cent control of the House of Review (National Council) makes Namibia a “de facto” one-party state.
Swapo occupies 83 seats out of 104 seats in the National Assembly. The ruling party has also won the majority of the 42 National Council seats.
These members of the NC will be sworn in on Tuesday.
Delivering his end of year message to the media in the capital on Monday, Maamberua said the outcome of the 2014 Presidential and National Assembly Elections are rather disturbing, as it compromises the “checks and balances”, the spirit of accountability and the legislative accountability, because the purpose of the House of Review is to review the work of the ruling party.
“The ruling party is effectively reviewing itself and this is not healthy for democracy. An option to ponder under the circumstances is to review the constitution in order to abolish the National Council or to restrict control of that House of Review by one party to a maximum of 50 per cent,” he said.
The president of Namibia’s oldest political party added that such factors are the reason many people across the world are apathetic towards elections.
“But as Namibians, we have to demand more from ourselves,” he noted.
Maamberua assured Namibians that his party would continue to prioritise the welfare of all citizens.
He added that Swanu, established in 1959, will continue to fight for the return of ancestral land to the people who have lost their land, and ensure that all Namibians have a place on which to build a home and that a second National Land Conference is an imperative sometime next year.
On Namibia’s poverty issue, Maamberua said his party will provide innovative strategies to alleviate poverty, including advocating for a national minimum wage of not less than N.dollars 2 000 per month, and for the workers’ unions to discontinue affiliating with the ruling party.
“This (unions’ affiliation to Swapo) is betrayal of the working class and we shall fight and oppose it vehemently. Introducing Capital Gains Tax, Environmental Tax and Resource Redistribution Tax, as opposed to the so-called Solidarity Tax, will go a long way in liberating us from capitalist greed, so rampant in Namibia,” he emphasized.
Maamberua was elected into the National Assembly in 2009 as a Swanu representative.