Shimbulu expresses readiness to work with fellow councillors

07 Dec 2015 19:10pm
OSHAKATI, 07 DEC (NAMPA) - New Oshakati Mayor, Katrina Shimbulu says she is ready to work with her fellow councillors, community members, staff and all stakeholders in order to achieve the town council’s vision.
In her acceptance speech during the swearing-in of the Oshakati Town Council members on Friday, Shimbulu said she is certain that with the assistance of her fellow councillors, the town is expected to deliver quality services to its residents and, therefore, called for teamwork among the councillors.
“I wish to indicate my readiness to work together with my fellow councillors, community members, staff and all stakeholders in order for us to achieve the council’s vision for an industrialised, commercialised, residential and modern capital of the north.”
Shimbulu was mayor of the Oshakati Town Council from 2007 until 2010, when she was demoted to deputy mayor under Ben Kathindi. In 2012, she was further demoted to an ordinary councillor.
On Friday, she also recognised the efforts and contributions made by previous mayors of Oshakati town and said that the brilliant work spearheaded by them will always be remembered by the generations to come.
Shimbulu said that it is worth noting that 71 per cent of the current councillors have been part of the previous council and as such, they have an acceptable amount experience to pull together and succeed in their duties.
Among her long list of duties she entails to fulfil, Shimbulu highlighted the land issue and said that it will be vigorously addressed despite challenges.
“To accelerate the process of land delivery and registration of properties in the deeds office needs all ministries involved to work together.”
Shimbulu said that her plan is to ensure that the town council develops strategies to meet the central government halfway in eradicating poverty by making sure that the town attracts employment opportunities.
“We shall endeavour to have a good relationship with the Oshana Regional Council and I pledge to strengthen the relationship during my tenure.”
The mayor also expressed gratitude for her appointment in that position and chairperson of the management committee.
Shimbulu will be deputised by Ndamononghenda Hamunjela.
Gabriel Kamwanka, Johannes Shilongo and Angelus Iiyambo will serve on the management committee. Loise Shivolo and Linus Tobias from the DTA of Namibia will serve as ordinary councillors.
The other six councillors are from the Swapo Party.
Shimbulu and her fellow councillors were elected during the Local Authority Election held on 27 November. The Oshakati Town Council then held internal elections to fill the different portfolios, including mayor and members of the management committee.