Bank Windhoek Holdings announces the appointment of new MD

December 7, 2015, 1:09pm


Bank Windhoek Holdings

Mr. Koos Brandt, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bank Windhoek Holdings Limited (BWH), has announced executive leadership changes approved by Bank Windhoek Holdings Limited (BWH) board effective 1st January 2016. “The leadership changes are designed to ensure sustainability and continuity in the implementation of the growth strategy of the group and are in line with approved executive leadership succession plans”, said Koos Brandt.

On 1st January 2016, the combined roles of Managing Director of BWH and Bank Windhoek held by Mr Christo de Vries will become two separate roles in the executive structures of the publicly listed entity BWH.

In order to facilitate smooth and effective leadership transition at both BWH and BW, Christo will relinquish his responsibilities as MD of BWH to a successor at an early stage and to focus on leadership changes at Bank Windhoek during the remaining part of his tenure.

“The board of directors thank Mr de Vries for his vision and foresight in leading the BWH group through a highly successful repositioning, primary listing on the Namibia Stock Exchange (NSX) and during his tenure, returning excellent results to the satisfaction of the board and all stakeholders”, said Koos Brandt.

The BWH Board of Directors are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Thinus Prinsloo as Managing Director of BWH with effective 1st January 2016. A chartered accountant by profession, Mr Prinsloo was appointed in the role of Executive Director: Group Strategy Implementation at Capricorn Investment Holdings (CIH) in 2011. He has served as Executive Director of publicly listed BWH since 2013. Prior to joining CIH he served in various executive roles at Absa and IBM and has worked for PwC in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, management and staff of the BWH group, I would like to congratulate Mr. Prinsloo on his appointment and wish him a success in his role as the Managing Director of BWH. The leadership changes in the group are designed to ensure stability and continuity in the Group to the benefit of all the stakeholders of the Group”, said Koos Brandt, Chairman of the Group.