Donations sought for Epako boy with swollen face

28 Aug 2013 07:20
By Charles Tjatindi
GOBABIS, 28 AUG (NAMPA) – A single, unemployed mother of the Epako township in Gobabis, Christine August, is pleading for financial assistance to allow her 17-year-old son, Immanuel August, to undergo a life-changing operation.
Immanuel is in need of surgery to remove a swollen gland which had developed on the right side of his face, covering his right eye completely.
The condition, which has been developing gradually since Immanuel’s birth, has now made it difficult for him to study his school work, as he is left to rely on one eye only.
According to Christine, she noticed a slight swell on Immanuel’s right cheek when he was still a baby. The swelling seems to have gone on, as the right side of his face appears to be growing bigger than the other side over the years.
Several tests and treatment were administered on Immanuel by State doctors ever since, but none could stop the growth.
Christine said the only available diagnosis on the condition as per State doctors is that the condition is hereditary.
“All doctors did was treat the symptoms. Nothing was done about the swollen face and it continued to swell,” she said.
A private doctor, however, availed himself for the treatment over a year ago, but placed a N.dollars 18 000 price tag to surgically remove the swollen flesh.
The single mother, who also has to provide for four other children, said she can not afford the operation.
“We appeal for donations from any good Samaritan to allow Immanuel to undergo the operation. It is painful as a mother to watch his face grow bigger by the day on one side, knowing there is not much I can do without money,” she said.
Although no price has been set for the entire operation/s, the single mother said doctors informed her that such costs could swell up to N.dollars 50 000.
Immanuel is a Grade 11 learner at the Epako Secondary School, and according to his teachers, he is a bright learner with the potential to make it ‘big’ in life.
While the Ministry of Health and Social Services has a Special Medical Fund which caters for operations such as the one Immanuel needs, Christine said she had been sent from pillar to post by hospital officials in a bid to access such funding.
It is also not clear at this stage whether her son falls within the ambit of the Special Medial Fund.
Efforts to obtain clarity from the Ministry of Health and Social Services have proven futile following several attempts for comment.