Khomas council management chairperson calls for councillor unity

05 Dec 2015 11:10am


The newly elected Chairperson of the Khomas Regional Council Management Committee (MC), Rakel Jacob has called for commitment from different partners to ensure the achievement of the region's developmental goals.

Jacob, who is also a councillor for the John A. Pandeni Constituency, was speaking during the swearing-in ceremony of the 10 Khomas Regional Councillors in the capital on Friday.

She called on church leaders, members of civil society, the business community, unions, the youth and elders to be part of the solution and get involved in the process of coordinating regional development.

Jacob, who got the constituency councillor position on the Swapo-party ticket in the recent elections, called on other councillors to work hard to improve service delivery and implement all Government programmes in the region.

"We have been elected to serve the nation and we must answer that call with great determination. We have been elected to deliver quality services to the residents of this region and we must not betray this trust."

Jacob said Khomas Regional councillors need to lead the region in a way that unites people beyond political lineage and unite in the war against poverty in Namibia, as declared by President Hage Geingob.

She further called on other councillors to work on the developmental activities outlined in the Swapo party manifesto and other national documents such as Vision 2030 and the fourth National Development Plan (NDP4).

Jacob applauded the previous councillors for their commitment in the areas of education, health and poverty eradication. To ensure continuity, the chairperson urged new councillors to build upon the work of previous councillors who laid a strong foundation.

She stressed the continuation of the programmes' implementation and projects initiated by the previous councillors aimed at improving the living standards of all people, adding all councillors need to emulate their dedication and teamwork as well as their commitment to the fight against poverty in the region.

"I would like to congratulate the Khomas Regional Council for improving on our female representation from 30 to 40 per cent. We are only short of 10 per cent to achieve the 50/50 gender representation as reflected in the Swapo Party Constitution," she said.

Other councillors elected during the just-ended Regional Council and Local Authority Elections are Fanuel Shivute for Samora Machel Constituency; Martin David for Moses Garoeb Constituency; Margaret Mensah-Williams for Khomasdal Constituency; Ruusa Namuhuja for Windhoek East Constituency; Georg Trepper for Windhoek West; Penina Ita for Windhoek Rural Constituency; Ruben Sheehama for Katutura East Constituency; Ambrosius Kandjii for Katutura Central Constituency and Christopher Likuwa for Tobias Hainyeko Constituency.

The elections took place on 27 November 2015. According to the amended Regional Councils Act, 2010 "a member of a regional council shall, subject to the provisions of section 10(1), hold office as such a member for a period of five years". (NAMPA) ME/LI/AS