Annoucement of Water Crisis in Windhoek

December 3, 2015, 8:17am

City of Windhoek

The City of Windhoek (CoW) hereby announces that the persistent drought has left the CoW little choice but to announce a Water Crisis scenario in the capital in relation to the CoW Drought Management Plan.

The Water Crisis will have a significant impact on the residents of Windhoek and as a result we announce with immediate effect the strict enforcement of the following:
- Watering of gardens is restricted to trees, shrubs and perennials once every second week. Watering of lawns, flowers, vegetables, etc. is strictly prohibited;
- No washing of cars (at home) other than utilising certified car washes;
- No watering of public parks & sport fields unless through an approved semi-purified irrigation water connection;
- Pool covers are mandatory and no further filling of private pools are allowed;
- No water features, fountains, ponds, etc. are to be operated and filled.

The full list of requirements applicable to the Water Crisis is available from the City of Windhoek website( - Windhoek Drought Response Plan. We count on the unwavering support of all our loyal residents to cooperate and assist in this regard and it is important to note that fines will be strictly applied to any transgressions on the above. Should there be any further enquiries regarding the above statement the CoW Corporate Communication Office can be contacted.

Photo: Wikipedia