//Karas Community Radio to feed soup to queuing pensioners

27 Aug 2013 06:20
KEETMANSHOOP, 27 AUG (NAMPA) - The //Karas Community Radio (KCR) will soon start a feeding programme, during which they will serve soup to elderly people at the post office in Keetmanshoop.
The feeding initiative is part of the station’s Winter Drive programme launched last year to assist the elderly and needy people in this southern town.
Speaking to Nampa on Tuesday, station manager Menesia Keister said the feeding programme will start next week.
They will serve hot soup to elders as they await their pension grant payouts at the post office here.
“It is tiring and frustrating to stay in that queue without anything to eat or drink. That's why we came up with this initiative to give something to our elders while they are waiting for their money. As a radio, we do not only want to inform the town, but to also give back to the community,” she noted.
Keister said the money for the feeding event next week came from the little finances in the station’s coffers, and it might not be enough to sustain the programme for long without back-up from elsewhere.
The station had meanwhile spoken to a few businesspeople to support and continue the programme every month-end, and most local business owners promised to help.
Keister said their plan is to substitute the hot soup with cold juice once summer comes around.
This year, the Winter Drive programme also managed to collect blankets, clothes and shoes from Good Samaritans, and distributed these to needy people in Keetmanshoop on Heroes’ Day, 26 August.
According to her, more than 150 residents, mostly children and the elderly, received clothes, blankets and shoes at the station’s premises on Monday.
“The station’s yard was full of people. We could not control them, and some recipients took advantage and received more items than others because they dropped theirs at home and came back to get again,” she stated.
The station broadcasts in Afrikaans, English, Oshiwambo and Nama/Damara.