!Naruseb blames accidents on bad attitudes of drivers

02 Dec 2015 19:20pm
OTJIWARONGO, 02 DEC (NAMPA) – The bad attitudes of motorists are the cause of accidents on national roads, the Minister of Works and Transport says.
Alpheus !Naruseb was speaking at the official launch of the 2015/16 festive season road safety awareness campaign at Otjiwarongo in the Otjozondjupa Region on Wednesday.
The event was organised by the National Road Safety Council (NRSC) and the Motor-Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund of Namibia.
It took place at the permanent police roadblock between Otjiwarongo and Otavi.
“What do you expect if you are speeding on the road? What result must we expect if something happens to your car at that excessive speed? Why do you boast about how fast you can drive on the road yet the car can claim your life? Let us just change our behaviour because it is our people who are dying on these roads,” !Naruseb said.
He stated that Namibia has the best roads in Africa and therefore the majority of road accidents occurring cannot be attributed to the standard of the roads.
The minister said that if drivers do not change their attitude on the road, then Namibian people should forget about a reduction in road accidents, particularly during festive seasons.
He also urged all motorists not to look at members of law-enforcement agencies as “ridiculous people wasting their time on the road”.
!Naruseb also appealed the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) to see to it that no driver is allowed to operate a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.
On his part, the MVA's Chief Operations’ Officer, Phillip Nghifitikeko also urged drivers not to drive under the influence of alcohol, overtake on blind spots, and exceed the speed limit of 120 kilometres per hour.
He said every driver has a duty to see to it that the road is safe to all users.
“It is now up to you and me to do the right thing and make a personal pledge to be a responsible road user. We have already lost so many lives and we should not allow this to continue,” said Nghifitikeko.
He encouraged all drivers to always switch on their vehicles’ headlamps during the day when driving, so that they are more visible to oncoming traffic.
The MVA said in September this year that road traffic injuries are one of the main causes of fatalities among young people in Namibia.
MVA statistics indicate that 56 per cent of 46 recorded fatalities in August 2015 claimed the lives of young people up to the age of 35.
It said most accidents happen between 14h00 and 23h59.