Bank Windhoek supports Elika Day Care Centre in Rundu

December 2, 2015, 2:41pm

Bank Windhoek recently handed over a cheque of N$10 000 to the Elika Day Care Centre in Rundu. The money was part of the proceeds of the Bank Windhoek Corporate Challenge Relay that was held in Windhoek earlier this year.

“What a privilege it was to hand over the cheque to the centre. It was so refreshing to see how people can take a little bit of money and make it go a long way to provide a much needed service to their community,” said Anette Durand, Bank Windhoek Branch Manager for Rundu.

The Elika Day Care Centre is situated on the premises of the Christ Love Church and was previously known as the Elizabeth Day Care Centre. “The donation we received from Bank Windhoek will be used to build a new school building. We received a piece of land from the local authority and we will build our school there,” said Ms Elizabeth Hausiku, the founder of the centre.

The school accommodates more than 50 children and has two teachers. “To see what they achieve at this school, gives me hope and fills my heart with joy. The children pay only N$15 per month in school fees,” said Durand who helped the centre to open a bank account from where the money will be managed.