Teengirl gang raped and stabbed in Zambezi

02 Dec 2015 15:10pm
KATIMA MULILO, 01 DEC (NAMPA) – A 17-year-old girl was allegedly gang raped and stabbed several times by seven boys shortly after midnight on Monday at the ‘New Look’ location near Shakala Bar in Katima Mulilo.
Regional Crime Investigation Coordinator in Zambezi, Commissioner Abner Agas told Nampa on enquiry Tuesday that the victim reported the incident to the police in the presence of her relatives on the same day the crime was allegedly committed.
Agas said the details are very sketchy as the victim is failing to identify who the alleged sexual perpetrators are, but investigations are ongoing with the Gender-based Violence Investigation Unit of the Namibian Police.
“I can only confirm to you that a rape case has been registered with the police and that investigations are now underway,” he said.
Information provided to this agency by sources have it that the victim was in the company of a male companion who was walking her back home.
Whilst on their way, the girl and her friend saw a group of rowdy boys ahead of them and decided to divert into a different direction. However, the group of boys started chasing the two.
The victim’s friend managed to escape to go look for help.
The boys allegedly than dragged the victim into an unidentified person’s yard, where they proceeded to take turns raping her and then stabbed her on her back with a knife.
The girl was treated at the Katima Mulilo Hospital for her wounds, and was discharged the same day.
No suspects have yet been arrested.