Tearful fraudster Majiedt sent to jail for 17 years

01 Dec 2015 17:20pm


Fraudster Esmerelda Martina Majiedt was on Tuesday sent to jail for 17 years for fraud, theft and corruption involving over N.dollars 56 million at AfriSam Cement company.

The 50-year-old Majiedt was on 14 October this year found guilty by High Court Judge Christie Liebenberg, by her own admission of guilt, of a total of 396 counts of fraud, theft and corruption at the cement manufacturing company between January 2006 and June 2011.

Majiedt was initially sentenced to 25 years imprisonment on all counts taken together as one for the purpose of sentencing. However, eight years of the imposed sentence was suspended for a period of five years on condition that she is not found guilty on any offence of fraud, theft and corruption during the period of suspension.

"A custodial imprisonment is the only suitable punishment in this case considering the total amount of N.dollars 56,5 million involved in the case. You insistently defrauded your employer for a period of five years for selfish needs. Your greedy actions for more money were really beyond your personal and financial needs during the commission of this white-collar crime. You were put in a position of trust by the company and you then abused the trust the company put in you when you stole the money from your employer," explained the judge.

Majiedt had apologised for the loss and suffering she had caused to her former employer, her family and friends. She further told the court that she is now 'penniless' and was not in a position to compensate the company for its financial loss.

Majiedt is a first offender with no record of a previous criminal offence. She is a divorced mother of four children and has three grandchildren.

Both her parents have passed away. Majiedt has been suffering from a skin pigmentation disorder since the age of seven. She worked at AfriSam for 14 years before she was arrested.

The other accused in the matter were the Bezuidenhoudt brothers (Calvin and Gerald Albertus); Rundu businessman Daniel Batista de Jesus; Majiedt's sister Louise Izaaks, as well as a former partner of Izaaks, James Wilson.

They were all arrested during 2011 and 2012. The prosecution against the other five accused persons was stopped after Majiedt admitted guilt to the charges.

Senior Windhoek-based defence lawyer Advocate Louis Botes, assisted by lawyer Bradley Basson, appeared for Majiedt. Deputy Prosecutor-General Ed Marondezde appeared for the prosecution.