Community projects handed over in Omaheke

01 Dec 2015 17:10pm
WINDHOEK, 01 DEC (NAMPA) – The German Government has handed over four community-driven projects with a combined value of more than N.dollars 34 million in the Omaheke Region.
The projects in Corridor 13 and 17 in the Aminuis and Okorukambe constituencies were implemented through the Namibia-German Special Initiative Programme (NGSIP) under the National Planning Commission (NPC) of Namibia.
The NGSIP was conceptualised and designed by Namibia in 2006 and to date, the German government has granted about N.dollars 300 million to this programme.
The initiative supports development activities at local and community levels in areas of Namibia where Germany acknowledges special historical and moral responsibility after the colonial rule of South West Africa from 1884-1915, under which many indigenous peoples were subjected to discrimination, forced labour and segregation.
A statement from the NGSIP received at Nampa on Sunday read that the projects include the construction of a new school at Corridor 17 at a cost of N.dollars 9 887 001; renovated school hostel blocks, kitchen and dining hall, a reconstructed kitchen that burned down and new classrooms, library and pre-primary classrooms at Motsomi Primary School at a cost of N.dollars 10 859 684.
Projects also included the building of hostels, classrooms and an administration block at the Otjivero Primary School in Omitara at a cost of N.dollars 9 265 883, and the construction of a multi-purpose youth centre at Witvlei worth N.dollars 4 010 117.
Officiating at the handing over ceremonies held at different locations in the region, Deputy Minister of Economic and National Planning Commission, Lucia Impumbu expressed appreciation and noted how Germany had placed a great importance, particularly among the San community.
She said that to complete previously cancelled NGSIP projects in seven regions due to non-performance, and in expectation of the closure of the programme in September 2016, the grant has been increased by another N.dollars 75 million (5 million Euros) after successful negotiations.
“We highly appreciate this gesture. This is another extension of the programme and it is our hope that all the outstanding projects will be completed by then (September 2016). We are grateful for this assistance not only under the NGSIP, but with other projects as well,” said Iipumbu.
Expanding on the vision of her ministry and the development objectives of Government, Iipumbu said: “The GRN is committed to making sure that such assistance it put to good use in an effort to make a difference in the livelihoods of the community members in this region”.
Omaheke Governor, Festus Uitele was also at the various handovers and said he was honoured to receive the projects on behalf of the community and encouraged parents and guardians to send children to school.