PDK drops Kem'pu

December 1, 2015, 8:56am

By Chelsea Karamata, the Villager Newspaper

The trio PDK (Patrick, Dione and Kamtonyo) released their much awaited 14 track album Kem’pu this week. The CD is pretty much what any other listener can call a mixed bag as it is carrying a bit of something for everyone.

Be it the dancing you are up for, the charming love songs you admire and indeed the good beats, this could be the answer to what one needs for a festive holiday.

Fortunately the trio says this is just a show of their growth and is certainly not the last time that they will give their fans a dance. “Trust me, PDK is not going anyway,” said Patrick, responding to the growing rumor that they will be saying goodbye to music.

Perhaps this is the best Christmas present they could give to their fans, and it also shows that the group has struck a code of diversity.

While it is debatable how the group has taken their music to the next level, the latest PDK offering is polished art which is supposedly a cut above their last year’s exploits. Of course one would not want to speak too soon, but their producer Solani seems to have taken it to another level with his beats.

However it still remains to be seen whether the market will react the same way as last year when some of their songs like “My Size” became hits shebeens and taxi drivers could not resist playing.

The album brings a fusion of love songs and danceable tunes in a typical PDK style while it also shows the maturity that the group has gone through in the past few years.

The CD, which is now being distributed country-wide, has seen the trio featuring other voices from the Namibian music industry including Buju Katjoko and Glo on track 10 “Look at me”.

Some of the tracks on the album include “Waka”, “Family ya Maita”, “Kem’pu”, which is also the title track of the album, and “Camera” which promises to be the dancing tunes of the album.

There are also other songs like “People”, “Odula Taiya”, “Forgive and Forget” and “Helena”. Upon listening to the album, ideally an avid fan of the group senses a mature vibe that has seen them coming up with songs that have the ability to cut across the divide.

Just like any other average listener of the group, it is easy to believe that perhaps the fusion in the album is good for the market. But truth be told, PDK is in best shape when they make the crowd dance and pump out their usual energetic songs rather than slow jams.

The latest collection is now available on the market. Those interested in the CD can call 0811 273 622 or can contact Omalaeti Offices at 061 402 102.