Outjo Christmas rapist sentenced to 30 years

01 Dec 2015 10:10am


A 22-year-old man from Outjo in the Kunene Region was on Monday sentenced to 30 years in prison by Otjiwarongo Regional Court Magistrate, Marilize Du Plessis.

Rayhard Kawee was convicted Monday morning on two counts of rape he committed on 25 December 2013 in Outjo's Etoshapoort residential area.

Kawee was arrested shortly after he had forced himself on a 26-year-old female security guard who was walking to her duty station at Etoshapoort Junior Secondary School.

The victim informed the Otjiwarongo Regional Court during her presentation of evidence that on Christmas Day of 2013 at 05h30 in the morning, she saw the accused man running towards her as she walked along a footpath near the Zebra Bottle Store.

She said Kawee caught up with her, pulled out a knife and pointed it at her and demanded sexual intercourse. Kawee then allegedly grabbed her by the arm and dragged her inside an old building opposite Bennies Driving School.

Inside the building, the accused had forced sexual intercourse without protection with the complainant. The woman furthermore told the court that when Kawee was done, he pulled her outside the building in an open field and raped her again.

The woman told the court that she had stopped screaming for help as she feared that Kawee could injure or kill her. She furthermore told the court after the second incident, Kawee ordered her to stand up and walk with him to a nearby house. Both of them entered the house, but Kawee left shortly afterwards. The woman said after Kawee left, she narrated her ordeal to people in the house. 

She testified that she then saw a police vehicle approaching, which she stopped to plead for help. A search for Kawee was then immediately launched by the police, and he was found consuming alcohol at a bar in the vicinity shortly thereafter. He was taken in for questioning to the Outjo Police Station, and was arrested on the same day.

On his part, Kawee told the court that he never had sexual intercourse with the woman. However, after sufficient evidence was presented in court, Kawee was found guilty on two counts of rape. He was then sentenced to 15 years on each count, totalling 30 years in jail.

Magistrate Du Plessis suspended five years on the second count for Kawee to only serve 25 years running concurrently in jail. Public prosecutor, Leonard Tjiveze who represented the State in the matter had asked the court to pass a heavy sentence for a period of not less than 30 years in prison due to the seriousness of the case.

The accused was represented in court by State-funded Legal Aid lawyer Sharon Katjimune.