Genuine commitment to address climate change: Geingob

01 Dec 2015 07:20am

By Pearl Coetzee PARIS, 1 DEC (NAMPA) -

The climate change conference here is a defining moment as to whether genuine political commitment exists to implement the actions required to address the issue of climate change.

President Hage Geingob made these remarks during the opening of the 21st session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 21) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) on Monday.

"We must be decisive without further delay and adopt a legally binding agreement that will limit the average global temperature below two degrees Celsius. In the absence of the required political will and concrete actions, future generations will judge us harshly," Geingob warned.

Reflecting their strong commitment to actively promoting climate action through targeted initiatives, Geingob was amongst more than 150 Heads of State, who delivered speeches as part of the 'Leaders Event' on Monday. The event commenced immediately after the official opening of the COP.

Geingob raised the concern that Least Developed countries are the lowest emitters of greenhouse gases, yet bear the brunt of climate change. However, this paradox can only be resolved through a fair deal, which unlocks climate financing to mitigate the negative impact on green and blue economies; economies that are based on environmentally friendly processes that are sustainable and a business model evolving around what is available locally, respectively.

This funding should relate to both small scale and national programs alike since many developing countries utilize their domestic funding for alleviating poverty and rectifying inherited social deficits.

The catastrophic effects of global warming are real, warned Geingob. He emphasised that countries can choose to pursue their developmental ambitions by retaining emission levels where they are; or to reduce emissions for the sake of shared sustainable development.

About Namibia's stance on climate change, Geingob assured nations that the country is ready to join hands with the rest of the world to create a new type of global co-existence, based on inclusivity where no continent, no region or no country will feel left out.

He boasted that Namibia has high levels of solar radiation in the world and has very favourable wind conditions. This opens up opportunities for the construction of large-scale wind and solar power plants.

"The purpose of this COP 21 is to bring our words and actions into alignment. It is to provide political will to the will of the people. Let us leave a lasting legacy that will shape the future of our planet politically, economically and ecologically. The time to act is now!" he added.

The UNFCCC conference ends on 11 December 2015.