Why you should NEVER fly on a Monday

November 30, 2015, 12:51pm

By Louzel Lombard, Traveller24. Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Cape Town - Blue Mondays are even bluer in the sky, as a new study revealed that most flight cancellations in the US happen on Mondays.

In 2015, Monday flights were cancelled 41% more than flight cancellations on Tuesdays - the second most horrible day of the week to fly on.

This is according to Stratos Jet Charters Inc, a company that analyses air travel performance to advise travellers of the odds against flight cancellations in the US.

The company also found that Fridays and Saturdays see the fewest cancellations. Monday flights are 164% more likely to be cancelled than Friday flights!

The causes of cancellations vary. Most regional jet flight cancellations stem from weather or air-traffic congestion issues, while wide-body plane cancellations are more likely from crew shortages or mechanical breakdowns.

The study included all domestic and international flights at 314 US airports.

Here are 5 Tips on having a smooth trip:

1. Aim for an early departure, as flights before 08:00 are less likely to be delayed.

2. Book on an 'off' day (Wednesday, Friday or Saturday).

3. Factor in a delay if you're flying to/from a storm- or snow-prone area.

4. Avoid booking with airlines with a bad reputation, regardless of how cheap tickets are.

5. If you flight gets delayed, act fast. Immediately apply for a refund and book a seat on the next available flight.