No benefits from elections: Teacher

27 Nov 2015 13:40pm
OPUWO, 27 NOV (NAMPA) – Some members of the Kunene Region community decided not to vote because they do not trust the candidates.
“Most of the candidates have not achieved anything in their own homes. How do they expect us to believe that they will make a change in our lives if they can’t manage their own?” a community member told Nampa here on Friday.
Another registered voter and teacher by profession echoed similar sentiments, saying she does not see any benefits from the current elections.
Their comments follow hot on the heels of an appeal by the governor of the Kunene Region, Angelika Muharukua for the people in her region to go to the polls and cast their votes as this is the only way to contribute to the national decision-making process.
“I appeal to all of you who are at home to please come to the polling stations and cast your vote for any candidate of your choice,” she said.
The governor, however, expressed disappointed by the poor turnout of voters in the Regional Council and Local Authority Elections in Epupa.
Muharukua was the first voter at Ovinjange, a village in the Epupa Constituency, Friday morning.
“The queue is shorter than I expected, but I am hopeful that as the day progresses the number of voters will start picking up,” the governor told this agency.
The youth’s lack of interest in the elections and their absence at polling stations when voting kicked off was registered as a concern by the governor.
Assistant coordinator of the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) in Kunene North, Theodor Kazombiaze, told Nampa all polling stations opened on time.
He also anticipates that the number of voters will pick up as the day progresses.
“Most of our voters are last-minute voters and it is our expectation that they will all flock to the polls later in the day,” Kazombiaze said.
When this reporter visited some polling stations in Opuwo and its surroundings, only the senior citizens could be seen queuing.
Voting ends at 21h00.