Telecom copper wire stolen at Okanguati

27 Nov 2015 12:20pm
OPUWO, 26 NOV (NAMPA) – A man appeared in the magistrate’s court at Opuwo on Monday for allegedly stealing copper wire at Okanguati over the weekend.
Moses Nao Shidyuu, 22, was granted bail of N.dollars 500.
The case was postponed to 10 March 2016 to allow the suspect to apply for legal aid and also for the police to complete their investigation.
The value of the copper wire is yet to be determined.
The crime coordinator of the police in the Kunene Region, Deputy Commissioner Rudolph Kanyetu confirmed the crime.
“The moment the suspect cut the wire, it registered at the Telecom Namibia headquarters in Windhoek that something went wrong at Okanguati,” he told Nampa in an interview on Thursday.
A Telecom team in Kunene was instructed by head office to and investigate, and upon arrival in Okanguati, they observed a man standing next to the road with a bag.
On seeing the telecom staff, the suspect left the bag and fled but was shortly found in the nearby bushes and caught. Kanyetu said pieces of the stolen copper wire were found in the bag.
Okanguati is situated some 120 north-west of Opuwo in the Kunene Region.