Royal /Ui/o/oo happy that shebeens are closed on election day

27 Nov 2015 12:00pm
TSUMKWE, 27 NOV (NAMPA) - The Deputy Minister responsible for Marginalised Communities is happy that all shebeens and cuca shops at the Tsumkwe settlement are closed on election day.
Royal /Ui/o/oo said this at the Tsumkwe settlement in the Otjozondjupa Region shortly after he cast his vote in the 2015 Regional Council and Local Authority Elections at the Tsumkwe Community Hall on Friday.
He told Nampa at the venue that such establishments closed for the day will allow the voting process to run smoothly.
The deputy minister in the Office of the Vice-President then appealed to all registered voters residing in the Tsumkwe Constituency to come out in full force and vote.
/Ui/o/oo observed that the voting process was moving slow, citing less than 60 people in the queue at the polling station upon his arrival there between 07h30 and 08h00.
“I do not understand why people are coming in small numbers. Upon observing the situation at the polling station, I have decided to send a group of young people to the locations with a message for people to come out and vote,” he said.
/Ui/o/oo said despite the slow arrivals, he is satisfied with the arrangements made by the officials of the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) based in the Tsumkwe Constituency.
Meanwhile, Fransina Ghauz, the Swapo-party political candidate and the current regional councillor for Tsumkwe Constituency, availed two of her private vehicles for the transportation of people from the Omatako settlement and surrounding villages to Tsumkwe to vote.
Ghauz was among the first group of 16 people who cast their votes at the Tsumkwe Community Hall polling station on Friday morning.
The ECN's officials stationed at the community hall told this news agency they are quite optimistic that the pace of the voting process will pick up during the course of the day.
Voting will only take place on Friday, and the polling station at the community hall is the only one the ECN had set up at Tsumkwe for the Regional Council Election.
Security at the polling station is tight, and is being maintained by four armed members of the Namibian Police Force. Party agents from the Swapo Party, the DTA of Namibia and the National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) were all also sworn in by the ECN officials a few minutes before voting began.
The Tsumkwe Constituency is home to over 10 000 people and its main business and economic centre is the settlement of Tsumkwe.
A total of 6 128 people have registered as potential voters in the Tsumkwe Constituency area.
Polling stations close on Friday at 21h00, after which the counting of the votes commences immediately.
After the ending of the counting process, the provisional results and name of the winning political candidate will be displayed outside each of the fixed polling stations for the general public to see.
The race for the position of the regional councillor of the Tsumkwe Constituency is between Ghauz, the DTA of Namibia's Samuel Maharero and Gcao Ioma of Nudo.
There are eight fixed polling stations located at the major settlements of Tsumkwe - Gam, Rooidag Gate, M'Kata, Mangetti Dune, Aasvoelnes, Omatako and Eden Farm, as well as 24 mobile teams.