The AU's Agenda 2063

November 26, 2015, 8:52pm

African Union – Agenda 2063  

JOHANNESBURG – Home to a billion people living in 55 countries, the African continent has broken free from the shackles of slavery, colonialism and racial discrimination.

Emerging from the pain of the past the AU has designed a vision for the future: a future where guns will be silent, children are put first, women are empowered, and youth unemployment is non-existent.

The hope is for an Africa where human rights, good governance and democracy are respected. An Africa where borders are seamless – and cross-border resources are managed through dialogue.

The plan is to make Africa a continent that is a strong, united and an influential global player and partner. This vision is the AU’s Agenda 2063 – the Africa we want. Source: African Union – Agenda 2063