Voter registration will be thorough and comprehensive - ECN

25 Aug 2013 05:40
WINDHOEK, 25 AUG (NAMPA) - The Electoral Commission of Namibia’s (ECN) Director of Operations, Theo Mujoro says this year’s general voters registration will be thorough and comprehensive, as it will take the new demarcations into account.
Mujoro made this statement in an interview with Nampa recently, saying the elections body is ready to hit the ground running, and they will start their work by firstly making sure that the ECN itself understands where the new boundaries are cutting through so as to re-adjust registration points where necessary.
Namibia previously had 107 constituencies and 13 regions, but with the new demarcations the country now has a total of 121 constituencies and 14 regions.
“In terms of the forthcoming general voters exercise, we will conduct the exercise taking into account the new demarcations. In other words, if you were previously a resident somewhere in the Kavango Region but with the new demarcation you happen to fall in either Kavango East or West, you will be registered accordingly,” Mujoro explained.
He said the details on people’s voter cards will now have to reflect the new constituencies that they belong to.
He went on to explain that there will also be instances where the ECN will have to make a re- determination of registration venues in order to reflect the true picture on the ground.
“Registration venues and conducting voter education are two key elements on our preparatory activities, as we prepare towards the general voters registration process,” he stated.
In terms of voter education, Mujoro said the electorate will be educated, taught and informed to know that they are no longer residents of their previous constituencies and that they now fall under a different constituency.
The ECN Director of Operations also informed this news agency that the electoral commission is working on preparations to register Namibians who are currently abroad.
“This is a very important development, as we will be establishing registration venues at all our foreign embassies,” he highlighted.
This effort, Mujoro indicated, will be coordinated through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
As for when the general voters’ registration will commence, he said the ECN is in the process of putting together a proposal that would include a period during which the process can be conducted.
¨I am sure that the commissioners will consult with relevant institutions and stakeholders. Once there is an agreement, we will then start running the voter education and publicity campaigns,¨ he mentioned.
The general registration of voters is usually preceded by a presidential proclamation which is published in the Government Gazette. Namibia will have its next general elections in 2014.