Okakarara - Otjozondjupa's political hot spot

26 Nov 2015 16:40pm

By Mulisa Simiyasa OKAKARARA, 26 NOV (NAMPA) -

Many eligible voters want the incoming constituency councillor for Okakarara to be closely involved with demands for reparation for atrocities committed to their people by the German government.

They will thus vote for the councillor whom they believe will do exactly that, plus bring about development in their area. These voters and others countrywide will cast their ballots during the Regional Council and Local Authority Elections set to take place on Friday.

Seventy-two-year old retired colonel in the Namibian Defence Force (NDF), Rahimisa wa-Kahimise wants to see his preferred candidate from the Swapo party, Jonathan Tjakuva, prioritising the OvaHerero-Nama reparation demands.

Wa Kahimise told Nampa during a Swapo rally here on Sunday he wants the German government to pay the OvaHerero and Nama communities for the genocide committed against those people between 1904 and 1908.

He claimed that the German foreign settlers in Namibia forcefully used machine guns to grab land, livestock and property which the OvaHerero and Namas owned.

Wa Kahimise therefore wants the new regional Okakarara Constituency councillor to be vocal on this issue and form part of the national committee that will be tasked to discuss matters related to genocide reparations at national level. He feels that Tjakuva will also bring development to Okakarara.

Other members from the Swapo, DTA of Namibia and National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) parties promised to vote for a councillor who will also demand for OvaHerero-Nama genocide reparation.

Apart from demands for reparation, they feel the new councillor should bring essential services like potable water, good roads and electrify villages around Okondjatu, Otjituuo and Okamatapati among others.

They pledged to wake up as early as 05h00 on Friday morning to line up to cast their votes. Jollina Kamuaruuma, 28, believes that Swapo's Tjakuva is determined to bring about development in their constituency.

"Tjakuva is the man for my vote; he is approachable and this constituency needs a man like him to bring development to us," she noted. However, Alex Kamuhanga, 64 from Otjituuo, promised his vote to Nudo's incumbent councillor, Vetaruhe Kandorozu, who has been at the helm of the constituency since 2010.

Kamuhanga believes Kandorozu will bring affordable houses to Okakarara and Otjituuo, including water and roads that will create employment for the youth in the constituency. He too promised to line up as early as 05h00 on Friday morning to queue to vote.

Like Kamuhanga, the 32-year-old Dancy Veueza believes Kandorozu's reign needs to be continued for another five years, because he has proven himself to be a people?s person for the last decade he had been in office.

Meanwhile, the majority of political parties contesting the Okakarara Regional Council and Local Authority Elections concluded their campaign rallies last week.

Participants at Nudo's well-organised and well-attended rally were entertained by local music talents such as Mutjangatjike Ben Muundjua and Kanu Ndjoze. Their OtjiHerero melodies and lyrics made Kandorozu stand up on many occasions to join party members on the dance floor.

In another part of Okakarara, Swapo members were entertained by the party's house band - the Ndilimani Cultural Troupe - which always attract many music lovers with their Swapo and liberation songs. The DTA had their last rally here on Wednesday in an attempt to garner votes for Ramana Mutjavikua, an independent candidate, for the political post at Okakarara.

DTA President McHenry Venaani described his party's coalition candidate as the most educated among them all, adding that Mutjavikua is an agriculturalist who was head-hunted by community members of Okakarara to stand for the position and become their regional councillor in the next five years.

Mujazu Urika of Swanu of Namibia on Sunday cancelled his last political campaign rally for unknown reasons.