We have a quick chat with TLC's Next Great Presenter winner

November 26, 2015, 12:52pm

Article and Photo by Channel24

Cape Town – With his infectious smile and bubbling personality it’s very easy to see how David Mbeha won over the TLC (DStv 172) audience.

The 20-year-old Namibian was crowned Discovery’s first African presenter when he won the viewer vote of the TLC Next Great Presenter campaign.

He will be the host of the of the 4-part show TLC Top 10 show starting on the channel on Thursday, 3 December. We had a quick chat with David about his win, the journey and his new found fame.

David you won over the viewers, how does it feel being voted the winner of TLC’s Next Great Presenter?

It’s such an overwhelming feeling, finally being able to achieve a dream that I have had for a very long time. Being voted as winner of TLC'S Next Great Presenter makes me realise just how much people believe in my dream and talent, I am very thankful.

You’ve said that it was your dream to become a TV host, what sparked your interest, where does this passion come from?

Growing up I would watch Namibian presenter Ilke Platt and emulate her. I would pretend to host red carpet events and would interview my little sister. My late mom would always stand in as the audience, that's where the passion really started. Television is for me the highest honour to inspire, motivate and change lives.

Can you tell us what the process and the journey has been like?

First of all we had to submit our video on the TLC website. The 12 semi-finalists were then selected and we had to undergo a boot camp in which the judges narrowed the semi-finalist from 12 to 5 then 3, and the public had to vote among the 3. It's been an amazing journey; I learnt so much and met incredible people.

What are some of your memorable moments?

My memorable moment would be the times we all would pray together, before we would go on stage. We all motivated each other to give our best in every performance. We became a little family.

How have you been handling the sudden fame?

I have been so busy filming my show TLC Top Ten, which premieres on the 3 December 2015 on TLC. I am really thankful for this opportunity to do what I love. I am still getting used to people recognising my face everywhere, but I am enjoying every moment.