Two men in custody over brutal murder of villager

25 Nov 2015 16:10pm
KATIMA MULILO, 25 NOV (NAMPA) – Two residents of Katima Mulilo are in the custody of the Namibian Police after they were denied bail in the murder of Sinvula Patrick Mwabwa.
According to court records seen by Nampa on Wednesday, the 20-year-old Clarence Chimbelambela Mabuku and Victor Musiwa Ilukena, 28, were denied bail after being arrested in connection with the murder of Mwabwa.
The 33-year-old Mwabwa’s decomposed body was found in a dry earth dam at Ikumwe village in the Katima Mulilo Rural Constituency on 10 November.
Mwabwa’s legs were tied together and multiple stab wounds were visible around his ribs.
His underwear was also partly removed, and cuts were visible on his buttocks.
The deceased’s head was also partly crushed with a large piece of wood.
Mabuku and Ilukena were arrested between 11 and 12 November.
Mabuku hails from Luchindo village, while Ilukena is from the Salambala area.
On 13 November, the two accused appeared before Magistrate Nomsa Sibanda, while the State was represented by George Matali. The matter was postponed to 14 December this year for further police investigations.
Court records and police statements indicate that a fight had broken out between the men.
Mwabwa’s corpse had been dragged over 100 metres from where he was assaulted and dumped in the dry earth dam.