Tsumkwe teachers urge learners to study hard

25 Nov 2015 12:50pm
TSUMKWE, 25 NOV (NAMPA) - Teachers living in the Tsumkwe Constituency of Otjozondjupa Region have urged learners to take education seriously in the light of a better future.
They appealed to the learners to avoid engaging in unscrupulous behaviours, such as teenage pregnancies and alcohol abuse.
“Education is the key to everything. Once you are educated, all your problems will be solved. You are the leaders of tomorrow and you have to be educated in order to effectively develop the country for own benefit and those benefits of your fellow country men and women,” said Cwisa Cwi , a teacher at the Tsumkwe Primary School in an interview with Nampa here on Wednesday.
Cwi and his other fellow schoolteachers, Koba Cukxa and Ciqae Bo altogether urged all residents and parents of Tsumkwe Constituency to be more involved in the education of their children.
The teachers also condemned people who spend much of their time drinking at ‘cuca-shops’ and shebeens rather than supporting the education of their children.
“Parents have to invest heavily in the education of their children. Having children in schools is just like having diamonds. Please, parents, try and stop spending much of your time and money on alcohol and start spending time with your children for the betterment of their future,” advised the three schoolteachers.
According to pensioner and farmworker, N#amce Coma, children and young people residing in the Tsumkwe Constituency need access to culturally sensitive education at all levels though the provision of mother-tongue education at pre-primary and lower primary levels.
“Our people are still living and experiencing extreme poverty, hardships and social exclusion some 25 years after Namibia has obtained her political independence. Illiteracy is still common in the whole of the Tsumkwe Constituency, hence the need for all of us to encourage the children to take their education seriously. Hard work and sweat will always lead to the success of our indigenous San children,” explained Coma.
Shop attendant, N#aisa Kxao, is of the opinion that children and young people residing and schooling in the Tsumkwe Constituency need vocational and life-skills education and financial and technical support to enable them to easily access employment opportunities.
The Tsumkwe Constituency has a well-equipped primary and secondary school, both located in the heart of the Tsumkwe settlement along the Tsumkwe/Grootfontein gravel road.
There is a pre-primary and primary school in each of the other major settlement such as Gam, Marulaboom, Rooidag Gate, Mangetti Dune, Aasvoelnes, Omatako, M’Kata and Dobe Border Post.
The Tsumkwe settlement is the capital of the Tsumkwe Constituency. The entire constituency is home to over 10 000 inhabitants, the majority of which are San people who earn their living by working on the surrounding commercial and communal farms.
The settlement has a petrol station and many formal and informal shebeens.
It is located about 304 kilometres North-East of Grootfontein.