Pupkewitz Foundation donates Toyota Land Cruiser to NAMPOL

November 25, 2015, 10:47am
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Mr Dougie Truter, Group CEO, Pupkewitz Holdings; Mrs Ethel Pupkewitz; Lieutenant-General Sebastian Ndeitunga, Inspector General of the Namibian Police Force; Mrs Meryl Barry, CEO, Pupkewitz Foundation. Photo: Pupkewitz  

By the Villager Newspaper

The Pupkewitz Foundation handed over a 4x4 Toyota Landcruiser all-terrain vehicle to the Protected Resources Unit of the Namibian Police Force to enable NAMPOL to better carry out its critical work, especially in terms of its anti-poaching efforts.

Mrs. Meryl Barry, CEO and Principal Trustee of the Pupkewitz Foundation, said at the handover ceremony, “No wildlife crime investigation can take place without the police present, and the Namibian Police are in need of 4x4 vehicles. Currently no other government institution or NGO are more in need of 4x4 vehicles to do their work than the Namibian police.”

She continued, “However, the lack of appropriate vehicles to cross the rugged terrain where wildlife crimes occurred, and continue to occur, slows the investigation process down and hampers the gathering of necessary evidence.”

Barry stressed that on the rugged and rural terrain that the Namibian Police Force follows up on crime, it is important for the officers to have this type of vehicle to move faster and to better tackle crime.

Along with the vehicle, Pupkewitz Foundation donated a replacement bumper, rails, and two spare wheels with fitting brackets and spotlight. It donated a lockable box which would allow the officers to safely store evidence confiscated at the crimes scenes. The donation also includes three years of services through Pupkewitz Toyota workshops.

Lieutenant-General Sebastian Haitota Ndeitunga, OMS Inspector-General of the Namibian Police Force, thanked Pupkewitz Foundation for the donation.

“On behalf of the Management, the rank-and-file of the Namibian Police Force, and indeed on my own behalf, I would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Pupkewitz Foundation and its management for considering the Protected Resources Division of the Namibian Police Force, to be the beneficial of this valuable sponsorship”, he said.

The Lieutenant-General highlighted that the recent lack of resources the Force has been experiencing, especially the lack of vehicles, has made it difficult to be able to protect the country’s natural resources and to investigate crime. This includes the poaching of protected game, theft and illegal dealing in minerals.

“Hence, the donation of this all-terrain (4x4) Toyota Land Cruiser will enable the Division to access all corners in the fight and or investigation of wildlife crime in the country. This donation came at the right time indeed, when our wildlife resources are being threatened by poaching, especially of Rhinos for their horns and Elephants for their tusks”, Haitota Ndeitunga said.

He also commented on the importance of teamwork when it comes to fulfilling the mission of the Force. He stressed, “Our mandates, as Police, is to combat crime, maintain law and order, protect life and property and preserve peace and stability of our beloved country. These tasks cannot be executed in isolation, but together and with the support of all law abiding citizens, corporate organizations, and other offices, ministries and or agencies”.