Debate over Zim's Mr Ugly 2015 winner

November 25, 2015, 5:14am

By Bornwise Mtonzi, the Herald. Photo: the Herald

There has been an outcry by fans over the criteria used by judges to select Mr Ugly 2015 in a contest that was held over the weekend at City Sports Bar. This year’s title was grabbed by front toothless Maison Sere who managed to beat four other contestants with the former holder William Masvinu claiming that he was robbed.

What is surprising is that Sere was once beaten by Masvinu two years ago, prompting an arguable debate on how he has managed to outrun Masvinu in this year’s contest as if ugliness is something that can be made while it is a natural born thing.

Social media is now awash with the video of former Mr Ugly claiming that he has been robbed. “I have been robbed and everyone is aware of that. I’m the ugliest man on the land, if you look at him can you say he is ugly?”

“Kuita mavende hakusi kushata, (having no teeth does not mean one is ugly),” he is heard saying on the video.

Just from watching the video, one can see that most of the contestants were making drastic efforts to make their ugliness clear except for Masvinu.

In an interview with The Herald Review, the organiser and founder of the pageant David ‘Apama’ Nyachowe, dismissed the allegations that Masvinu was robbed saying the event was free and fair.

“As the event organiser and founder, I indicated clearly to the contestants the categories, and the outgoing Mr Ugly never excelled as he would just go on stage and stand with confidence as if he is already a winner. The judges wanted to see how ugly you are from all angles, when you smile, when you are normal, and when you make your ugliest face, which he did not do,” he said

He added, Sere the winner was working according to the regulations that were specified.

“When others smiled he (Masvinu) did not and when others came in with their ugliest faces, he did not,” said Apama.

One of the judges Abigirl Mataranyika said what they wanted was someone who was creative and stylish.

“Considering the fact that the organisers want to hold Mr Ugly World in 2017, as judges of the Mr Ugly 2015 we wouldn’t have wanted someone with an ugly face and nothing more.We evaluated contestants based on overall appearance, which included ugliness and style as well as how contestants carried themselves across the stage. Creativity also counted. Some of the contestants came in chains crawling on the stage like fugitives and it boosted their marks on our score sheet.”

“We looked at several aspects, that included appearance, creativity, wow factor, crowd interaction. This is what determined the crown. Mr ugly 2015 proved to be the rightful winner of the competition,”

She added that, “Well, about him being robbed, Masvinu should just accept defeat. He thought he was so ugly and never bothered to be creative. Ugly means displeasing to the eye and I do not think anyone would call someone without teeth ‘handsome’ and not having teeth is part of nature.

“If Masvinu is saying he was robbed because the winner just had no teeth, we could also say he should not contest because he can go for a facelift and the contest wouldn’t exist. Anyway, judgment is never fair for everyone. Had it gone the other way round, we would be saying something else.”

The victory by Sere has been received with mixed feelings with some fans expressing their dismay on the criteria that were used by judges.

“You get confused when such contests as Mr Ugly get rigged so openly. Masvinu was crowned Mr Ugly winner three times consecutively and now the guy who once came fourth in the contest has overtaken him.

So does it mean Masvinu ati nakeyi now or the person he beat two years ago is now uglier than him,” said a fan.

One fan from facebook identified as Themba Hamilton said, “Laughing is part of beauty. A smile can make someone look so beautiful. Now if you laugh and turn the world upside down with your ugly mouth, it means you are ugly. Laughing is part of our life. He can’t keep his mouth closed to justify is looks. He deserves to win.”

In an interview with The Herald Review, the winner Maison Sere, could not hide his joy after winning and said what made him win was his ability to follow the rules and regulations of the pageant.

“I feel happy that I have won the pageant and I thank God and the judges for selecting me,” he said.On the issue that Masvinu was robbed he said the man did not show his creativeness.

“The man was over confident and he kept saying you are going to be number two while I take the first position, what he didn’t know was that the judges were looking for something else,” said Sere.

“Sebhora zvinhu zvinochinja, Dynamos inombodya Caps zvichingochinjana saka this time Caps yakadya Dynamos,” he said.

His manager Tawanda Jena concurred saying Masvinhu did not follow the rules that’s why he was beaten and he was over confident. Efforts to get a comment from William Masvinu were fruitless as his phone was out of reach.