NPC thanks Coca-Cola Namibia for generous sponsorship

24 Nov 2015 22:10pm
WINDHOEK, 24 NOV (NAMPA) – The Namibia Paralympic Committee (NPC) on Tuesday paid a courtesy visit to Coca-Cola Namibia to thank the company for its generous support throughout the years.
The soft drinks company has been sponsoring NPC activities with soft drinks and athletes’ attire since 2012.
NPC Secretary-General Michael Hamukwaya thanked Coca-Cola for being there “through thick and thin', and called on them to continue working with the NPC in their future activities.
“I would like thank Coca-Cola for the job they have done so far since we started our relationship in 2012. I remember those days when we only had two or three elite athletes representing the country while struggling at training because we never had proper attire to train with.
“But since Coca-Cola came on board it made sure that our athletes are well dressed and prepared for events in the country or outside,” he said.
Hamukwaya said Namibia’s first gold medal at the Paralympics Championships in London in 2012 came after Coca-Cola sponsored the athletes’ training camp to South Africa. After that, the athletes went to France and won more medals and ever since have been bringing home silverware.
He added that they still have a long journey ahead and would appreciate any support that they can get from the company.
“We are now preparing for the Paralympic Games next year and this will require a lot from us, especially when it comes to money because the team has to be in training for a very long time.
“I would like to call on you to assist us in any form that you think is suitable for our athletes to still bring home the medals that we are getting used to,” he said.
Frik Oosthuizen, the managing director of Coca-Cola Namibia, said their involvement with NPC is a sponsorship that they will see grow, and he was happy that disabled athletes are always using their disability to show the nation that nothing is impossible.
“Congratulations to the athletes for using what they are given as talent to influence leaders - they are achieving what many say is impossible and I hope we will all use your achievements as an example to improve and do better,” said Oosthuizen.