UPDATE: Former Nudo chief whip Tjihuiko joins Swapo

24 Nov 2015 18:40pm

WINDHOEK, 24 NOV (NAMPA) – Former National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) parliamentarian, Arnold Tjihuiko has joined the ruling party, Swapo.
Tjihuiko served as Nudo chief whip in Parliament before resigning from Nudo, which he served for 12 years.
He resigned from Nudo in August 2015 because of alleged internal corruption and maladministration.
Tjihuiko joined Swapo with his wife Olga and other members of the public - Bethuel Katjimune and wife Vaja; Bidgod Mavezupi Tjitunga and his wife Emily; and Mercy Uaepisa Nguvauva.
Swapo Secretary-General, Nangolo Mbumba welcomed them to the party by presenting them with the Swapo manifesto; the party’s constitution; and Swapo scarves; t-shirts and caps.
“We are honoured to receive you in the Swapo party and we regard you as valuable members from a friendly organisation, Nudo,” Mbumba said.
He added that the arrival of new members in the ruling party a few days before the Regional Council and Local Authority Elections means additional votes for Swapo.
The elections are scheduled to take place on Friday.
Meanwhile, Tjihuiko thanked the ruling party for accepting them.
“We are happy to be part of the criticised team. I was one of those who used to criticise Swapo that did not do better, but never said Swapo has done nothing,” he said.
Tjihuiko added that he joined the party of his choice, a political party “with a good political atmosphere and which is managed in a good manner”.
“We want to be part of the dynamic group that is trying to bring development to the country,” he added.
Katjimune also thanked the party leaders for welcoming them.
He was a former secretary of the OvaHerero Traditional Authority during the term of the late OvaHerero Paramount chief Kuaima Riruako.
Swapo chief whip and Member of Parliament Evelyn !Nawases-Tayele; Swapo-Party Youth League Secretary Veikko Nekundi; Swapo-Party Women's Council (SPWC) Secretary Petrina Haingura; and Deputy Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service, Agnes Tjongarero attended the welcoming ceremony.