Okakarara provisional special voting results

24 Nov 2015 08:10am


The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN)'s Otjozondjupa Regional Coordinator on Monday announced the provisional election results in the special voting exercise that took place in Okakarara Constituency on Monday.

Faith Matladi said the special voting exercise for the Regional Council and Local Authority Elections kicked off peacefully in Okakarara on Monday morning at 09H00 and closed at 19H00 the same day.

The counting, analysis of votes and announcing of results then followed shortly after the polling stations closed. The special voting exercise was arranged for polling officials, police officers, seafarers and other eligible voters who applied to vote in advance of the official 27 November voting day, as they might not be able to vote then due to their occupation or other reasons.

A total of 44 voters were cast in the special voting for the Regional Council Election. Provisional Results are as follows: Regional Council Election: DTA of Namibia (Abdul Mutjavikua) - 05 Nudo (Vetaruhe Kandorozu) - 27 Swapo Party (Jonathan Tjakuva) - 12 Swanu of Namibia (Mujazu Urika) - 0 Local Authority Election: DTA of Namibia - 04 Nudo - 23 Swapo Party - 13 Workers Revolutionary Party - 03 Swanu of Namibia - 0 (NAMPA) MS/CT/LI