Police guard Oshakati Swapo office as struggle kids threaten vio

23 Nov 2015 22:10pm


The relationship between officials of the Swapo-party's Oshana regional office and the so-called ?liberation struggle kids? at Oshakati continued to be tense as of Monday afternoon.

Coordinator of the party in the Oshana Region, Erastus Kapolo disclosed this to Nampa in an interview on the same day, saying these youth have turned violent and are threatening, on a daily basis, to attack him and/or close down his office.

The Swapo-Party office in question was closed since Wednesday last week due to threats that the struggle kids have levelled against the officials, including Kapolo.

It started when the officials refused to allow the struggle kids to take water from the office's tap due to the high water bill experienced as a result of their camping at the office premises.

The group of about 300 struggle kids is camping for government jobs at the Swapo regional office in Oshakati since last month. The office re-opened on Monday morning at 10h30 and was placed under police guard.

Kapolo said police officials were called in to intervene as the struggle children violently blocked the gate to the office premises in their attempt to prevent Kapolo and his colleagues from entering the office.

"They used abusive language and remain hostile towards us every day. This has affected the performance of our duties negatively," Kapolo stated.

He noted that the regional leadership is planning to approach the court and apply for the struggle kids to be forcefully evicted. "We are busy consulting with the party's Secretary-General (Nangolo Mbumba) to find the best way on how these children can be evicted," the Oshana regional Swapo coordinator explained.

According to Kapolo, struggle kids have also threatened to disrupt the upcoming Regional Council and Local Authority Elections that are due to take place in the country on Friday. "They are threatening to cause chaos during the elections by taking Swapo flags to the polling stations throughout the region (Oshana)," Kapolo claimed.

Approached for comment, commander of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Oshana Region, Commissioner Rauha Amwele confirmed that some of her officers have been dispatched to the Swapo office to maintain law and order as the struggle kids continue to trouble Kapolo.

Amwele also confirmed that some struggle kids have been arrested in a clash between them and members of NamPol on Sunday, but she indicated that the police were still busy formulating the charges that are to be opened against the arrested struggle kids.

The clash took place near the Okandjengedi main road bridge after the police blocked the struggle children who wanted to travel to Ongwediva allegedly to disrupt a Swapo election rally held there on Sunday afternoon. None of the struggle kids was immediately available for comment.