DTA ready to take to take Tsumkwe out of poverty: Maharero

23 Nov 2015 20:30pm
TSUMKWE, 23 NOV (NAMPA) - The DTA of Namibia’s candidate for the Tsumkwe Constituency says he will improve the inadequate mobile phone network and national radio coverage in the constituency if elected as regional councillor.
Samuel Maharero is vying for the position of regional councillor of the Tsumkwe Constituency. He is in contest with Swapo’s Fransina Ghauz and Gcao Ioma of the National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo).
The Regional Council and Local Authority Elections are scheduled for this Friday.
Maharero told Nampa in an interview at the Tsumkwe settlement on Monday that his main priorities will be to listen to the aspirations and needs of the people living in the Tsumkwe Constituency.
The setting up of a permanent vocational training centre at the Tsumkwe settlement or in the Gam area to help better the lives of thousands of young people who are unemployed, is also part of Maharero’s main priorities should he be given a chance to lead the constituency for the next five years.
“Proper and reliable service delivery and effective marketing of animals will enjoy my unwavering attention once the people give me a chance to lead them,” he said.
Maharero said he will also make sure that the government makes available the needed funds for the upgrading of various gravel roads to bitumen standard, such as the roads between Rooidag Gate village and Tsumkwe settlement; Tsumkwe and Gam; and Tsumkwe and the Dobe Border Post.
“All these gravel roads need urgent attention as they are a health risk for the inhabitants of the Tsumkwe Constituency and people travelling through the area,” he said.
The DTA of Namibia political candidate also spoke about the need for the immediate construction of a modern hospital in the constituency, and for the existing clinics in Tsumkwe and Gam to be upgraded to health centres.
Maharero then appealed to all registered voters residing in all settlements and villages in and around the Tsumkwe Constituency to come out in full force and to vote for the DTA of Namibia and himself as “the best political and regional council candidate for the constituency”.
The candidates of the three political parties - DTA of Namibia, Swapo Party and Nudo - each held several rallies in major settlements and villages between Friday and Sunday last week, each urging voters to vote for them.
The Tsumkwe Constituency is home to over 10 000 inhabitants, of which half of the population are reported to have registered as voters for the Regional Council Election on Friday.
The major settlements in the Constituency are Tsumkwe, Gam, Rooidag Gate, M’Kata, Mangetti Dune, Omatako and Aasvoelnes.