PLAN ex-combatant to be repatriated

23 Nov 2015 19:30pm
WINDHOEK, 23 NOV (NAMPA) - People’s Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN) ex-combatant Simon Haleinge Shilongo, also known as John Mbwalala, will soon be repatriated to Namibia after living in neighbouring Angola for the past 26 years.
Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Tjekero Tweya made the announcement during a media briefing here on Monday on the outcome of the Cabinet meeting held last week.
The repatriation was approved by Cabinet.
Mbwalala has been living in destitution for almost three decades in the Olyafilwa village in Ombandja district, Kunene Province in southern Angola.
He is said to have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
It was previously reported that Mbwalala is not in a good state of mind as he allegedly hears gunshots, and this can be attributed to the trauma he suffered during Namibia’s liberation struggle.
The ex-combatant has in the past refused to be repatriated to Namibia and preferred to stay at the Olyafilwa village.
Tweya said Mbwalala still refuses to return to Namibia, but he needs to receive proper psychiatric treatment in order to rehabilitate him.
“He is coming back for good, so we must take care of him before taking him to the villages,” said the minister.
Mbwalala will also receive veterans’ status when he returns to receive what he is entitled to as a veteran of the liberation struggle, said Tweya.
“That is why the decision was taken by Cabinet. But we need to give him the kind of assistance he needs first before we can integrate him back into society,” he said.
Upon his return from Angola, Mbwalala will be taken to Windhoek Central Hospital psychiatry ward for treatment.
The Ministry of Veterans' Affairs will be responsible for his medical expenses.
The date of his repatriation has not been announced.