Concern over US cattle farmer's export stance, decades in prison for fatal beating, Swapo supports scramble to see HH

November 23, 2015, 9:16am

Meatco concerned over US cattle farmers’ export stance

Article and photo by New Era Staff Reporter

Meatco has noted with grave concern the views and comments of the US Cattlemen’s Association (USCA) and the general public regarding the possible enlisting of Namibia to export meat to the US.

New Era reported last Friday on the concerns raised by USCA regarding beef imports from Namibia, and the Meat Board of Namibia countering these objections.

In its response, Meatco yesterday pointed out that the company and its Namibian producers have a long track record of operating in some of the world’s most sophisticated markets over a long period, including Norway and Denmark.

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Decades in prison for fatal beating

By Werner Menges, the Namibian. Photo: the Namibian

A SWAKOPMUND resident who inflicted a fatal flogging on his live-in girlfriend three years ago is set to pay a heavy price, in the form of decades behind bars, for his actions.

“The assault on the defenceless victim was brutal and protracted. A lesson to be learned by the accused and so many others making themselves guilty of similar conduct is that violence is not the answer to solve problems in any relationship. There are other ways and means to resolve disquieting issues wearing down the relationship; to resort to violence is not one of them,” Judge Christie Liebenberg said in the Windhoek High Court when he sentenced Fabianus Shekunyenge to 30 years' imprisonment for murder on Friday.

Incidents of domestic violence against women and children were notoriously prevalent in Namibian society, and with widespread outrage about such crimes the courts had a duty to stamp out such manifestations of disrespect towards others, Judge Liebenberg said.

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Swapo supporters scramble for HH in Ohangwena

Article and photo by New Era Staff Reporter

Swapo supporters in Ohangwena fell over each other’s feet as they tried to get a glimpse of Hidipo Hamutenya, the former Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) leader, who recently rejoined the ruling party.

“Do not be surprised to see me among you today. Yes I have returned, returned to my political home and to my comrades and friends.”

Those were the words of Hidipo Hamutenya while addressing a packed Swapo rally in Ohangwena Region, the stronghold of his former party RDP.

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Vulnerable to sex abuse

Article by Namibian Sun

A shocking 270 000 Namibian children are living in poverty, with 140 000 of them experiencing these circumstances severely on a daily basis, leaving them open to sexual exploitation and being put to work for a pittance.

These figures were confirmed this past Friday by United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Representative to Namibia, Micaela Marques de Sousa, during a Khomasdal Constituency event to mark Universal Children’s Day.

De Sousa said while Namibia has gone through growing pains over the 25 years, the country has never wavered from its continued commitment to work towards ensuring that every single child can survive, develop to their full potential and is protected from harm. However, unfairness still prevails. She said the country has made great strides in growing its economy, yet levels of poverty have fallen slowly, while very high levels of income inequality still prevail.

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