Colmar exposes Namibia as tourism destination

21 Nov 2015 16:20pm
WINDHOEK, 21 NOV (NAMPA) – Members of a delegation that attended the Colmar SITV International Tourism and Travel Fair in France foresee numerous benefits for local tourism after their presence at the fair.
Namibia was the first African country to be selected as guest of honour at the Colmar SITV (Salon International Tourisme Voyages) International Tourism and Travel Fair in Colmar in north-eastern France. The fair took place from 06 to 08 November.
Speaking at a media briefing here on Friday, Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism Tommy Nambahu said France has been rated the top tourist destination for the last four years.
“As a country and ministry responsible for tourism we used this invitation as an opportunity to cement bilateral cooperation in various areas of tourism between our respective institutions. We see tremendous benefits for Namibia which can be derived from optimised exchange of information and knowledge from this cooperation,” he said.
Colmar is situated in a region with nine million inhabitants.
With 25 046 visitors and 428 exhibitors, the travel fair is amongst the largest tourism fairs in France.
It is ranked among the five most important French consumer tourism fairs.
Nambahu, accompanied the 100-member delegation to France, said the fair offered each visitor a large number of possibilities for travel, and gave them the opportunity to obtain valuable information and meet frequent travellers.
Namibia was presented by public and private sector partners which amongst others included Air Namibia; the Namibia Airports Company; Namibia Tourism Board (NTB); Namibia Wildlife Resort (NWR); the National Heritage Council of Namibia; and Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development.
Also presented were the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture; the Omusati Regional Council; African Eagle Namibia; Bluecrane Safaris Namibia; Casa Anin Embroidery; Desert Hills; Elsie Herero Dolls; the Karas Huisen Crafts Trust; and the Ncumcara Community Craft Centre.
Members of the delegation were positive about the exposure they received while promoting Namibia as tourism destination.
NWR’s chief marketing officer Epson Kasuto said they had “three days of good business that were hectic and busy because of our cultural performances that took place regularly.” He has received correspondence from six prospective clients.
The owner of Bluecrane Safaris Namibia, Derrick Jacobs said four French nationals booked a visit to Namibia for April next year. “It will just get better,” he said.
Emergency Tourism Enterprises secured an order for 300 bracelets.
Namibia’s strong presence and vibrant energy at the fair attracted hundreds of people to the impressive Namibian pavilion, which reflected the look and feel of an authentic Namibian village on an area of 1 000 square metres.
The bilateral relations between the Omusati Region and the Haut-Rhin were highlighted by means of a replica of a traditional Oshiwambo hut where visitors had the opportunity to explore some of the Oshiwambo cultural and traditional instruments and tools showcased by the Omusati Regional Council.
The department of Haut-Rhin is located in the region of Alsace in north-eastern France.