Ya Ndakolo's N$1m hotel bill, salary delay panic, understaffed clinic, rhino poaching

November 20, 2015, 8:00am

Salary delay memo sparks panic

By Theresia Tjihenuna, the Namibian. Photo: the Namibian

TEACHERS and police officers were left in a state of panic yesterday after a leaked internal memo from the finance ministry said their salaries will not be paid until next week.

Finance minister Calle Schlettwein has however assured those who should be paid today that they will get their salaries on time.

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Aussenkehr clinic shockingly understaffed  

Article and photo by New Era

Minister of Health and Social Services Dr Bernard Haufiku was shocked by the appalling conditions at Aussenkehr clinic, which he described as a “human tragedy”.

During a visit to the clinic on Tuesday, Haufiku was appalled by the conditions in which the clinic operates and vowed to take swift action to remedy the situation. He said the steps his ministry’s would undertake immediately would be to put up a temporary health structure, a tent and temporary mobile toilets as well as to provide two or three additional nurses and a clerk, while an ambulance should be dispatched to the clinic by the end of the year.

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Ya Ndakolo's N$1m hotel bill

By Shinovene Immanuel, Tileni Mongudhi, the Namibian. Photo: the Namibian

DEFENCE minister Penda ya Ndakolo has been staying in a luxurious hotel at the state's expense for over six months and incurred a bill estimated at close to N$1 million.

The Namibian understands that Ya Ndakolo's accommodation at the Safari Court Hotel had cost the Ministry of Defence about N$100 000 a month.

The minister moved into the hotel after being appointed defence minister in March. His monthly bill could be more after it emerged that the minister's account was being bloated by allegedly dishonest hotel clerks who added money to the bill fraudulently.

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Rhino poaching toll hits 79

Article and photo by the Namibian Sun

Another two black rhinos have been found poached in the Etosha National Park, and a rhino calf is still missing, after poachers struck again this week. This brings the total number of rhinos that have been killed in the country to 79 for the year so far.

Police spokesperson Inspector Slogan Matheus confirmed that two black rhinos had been found dead at Etosha with their horns hacked off. The first rhino carcass was found on Monday and the second a day later. Both were discovered in an area between the Otjovazandu Strip and Renostervlei at Etosha.

On Monday a rhino cow, which had already been dehorned by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism earlier this year, was discovered. Although it had been dehorned, poachers still managed to hack off the remainder of the horn, said Matheus.

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Geingob splurges on politicians

By Tileni Mongudhi, the Namibian. Photo: the Namibian

PRESIDENT Hage Geingob has increased political office bearers' water and electricity allowances in a move that will see politicians getting raises as high as 2 800% on their utilities allowances in a space of three years.

Documents seen by The Namibian show that Geingob approved a recommendation that will see politicians hit the jackpot with their water and electricity allowances, which will jump up 29 times in some cases.

The increases took effect this month. The President, vice president, Prime Minister and deputy prime minister will not get the increase because government fully pays for their utility bills.

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