CDV promises to change DRC for the better

16 Nov 2015 12:20pm
SWAKOPMUND, 16 NOV (NAMPA) – The Christian Democratic Voice (CDV) party is vowing to change the living conditions of the residents of the DRC informal settlement in Swakopmund if voted into power.
“We will provide adequate water, electricity, toilets and decent houses for everyone. These are services the current Swapo Party councillors could not give you, yet you continued voting for them,” CDV president Godhardt Kandume said at an election rally held in DRC on Sunday.
Close to 20 000 residents of DRC currently share four pre-paid taps. There are no toilets at the informal settlement, while electricity is also not available.
Kandume said the residents should vote for their candidates to win seats in the Swakopmund municipality so that they can “turn things around” for them.
The CDV has no seat in the Swakopmund Town Council at present.
“Even though we wish to have four councillors representing CDV in Swakopmund, even one councillor is enough to change things,” he said.
He further stated that people should not be allowed to stay in overcrowded shacks like what is happening in DRC currently.
Kandume said if the residents vote for CDV, such votes are guaranteed to change their living condition.
“There is no privacy and freedom in the shacks… Nobody wants to live like that,” he told a handful of supporters.
He said if his party takes over the municipality, the councillors will find a way to have council administrators declare their assets or have them audited as he believes some acquired their land free of charge.
Vice-president of the CDV, Pastor Niklaas Julius Gariseb encouraged peace and unity among members.
“Let us work together to change our living conditions, only with peace and unity will we be able to build this town,” said Gariseb.
On his part, CDV chairperson Hans Neidel encouraged supporters to go out and campaign to make sure the party receives more votes.
CDV candidates for the Swakopmund local authority are Kandume, Neidel, Martelina Horases, Ingrid Tjongarero, Hendrik Tjongarero, Ulrich Ganuseb, Nicolette Hoabes, Elisa Araib, Jimmy Hoabes and Bertha Neib.